25 days of joy, constraint, & my holiday brain: Day one.


When an algorithm serves me up an old song I’ve never heard before… and I love it.


Right now, I’m listening to a song you probably haven’t heard of before: “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” by Ambrosia. One day Spotify just played it based on my listening habits. It’s now one of my Top Songs of 2018. Without Spotify, I never would have heard it.

Now I can’t imagine my ears without it.

I’ve scrolled thru my list, and only one song is from 2018. It’s the Weird Al Remix of “Feel It Still” by Portugal, The Man. Still, the original is from 2017, therefore I still get to go around telling people:

Actually, I prefer music that can no longer be made under current modes of production.

That’s a way to sound both grad-school-y and crotchety.

Some of my favorite songs I discovered way after they hit.

Q•FM•96, Ohio’s Best Rock, really didn’t have the most expansive playlist during high school.

College radio assholes did a number on me in college:

You should listen to [insert name].
Great, can you play me some?
You wouldn’t like it.

And, sometimes you just miss a song.
“Echo Beach” by Martha and the Muffins
“74/75” by The Connells
“Pink Frost” by the Chills
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Hundreds of bits and bytes of joy, all served up by algorithms I’ve permitted to influence me –going back to the early aughts.

I have the best taste in music. 

Everyone has the best taste in music.


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